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"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them" - Desmond Tutu
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Name: New Year Basket 31
Price: USD 194.99  

Same basket of New Year fun Des-The refined composition in a wicker basket, as the name suggests-gifted person will provide the same pleasure.


Gentleman Jack Whiskey 0.7 l-Gentleman Jack is whiskey, which was born in 1988 in Jack daniel Destillery. Created with the utmost care using the finest grains and iron-free water from the source Cave Spring and the traditional way of production by counting more than 140 years. This unique whiskey Jack Daniel's continues the tradition of using the charcoal-mellowing process. Like no other whiskey in the world is subject to twice the filtration through charcoal-the first time before it goes into the barrel and again when it is fully mature whiskey. The result is a rich liquor, and a mild flavor satisfactorily.

Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP -formed 0.5 liters of concentrated grape Italian grape vinegar, subjected to long-term aging in wooden barrels, produced by traditional methods. Balsamic vinegar is added to salads, sauces, marinades, and a variety of Italian dishes, as well as fruit and desserts.

Duck terrine with Armaniakiem - French delicacy of duck meat, coarsely minced with spices and Armagnac.

Grissini Gris de 'Or 100 g-traditional crunchy Italian breadsticks, baked with olive oil, perfectly suited as an alternative to chips or toast, is popular serving grissini wrapped in slices of Parma ham and melon.

Honey St. Orange Flower DALFOUR with 28 g of honey-French jasnobursztynowym color, full flavor derived from orange blossoms.

Lindt Chocolate Weihnacht s 150g-Chocolate, New Year temptation that can not be resisted-refreshing orange filling intertwined in an exquisite truffle mousse composition of the layer of delicate alpine milk chocolate. Deepens the flavors of sweet magic, a bit nostalgic commemorative packaging.

Davidoff Cafe Supreme Reserva ground Sumatra Indonesia 100g-Davidoff Cafe Supreme Reserve is an unusual blend. The composition is formed of the highest quality beans from the mountains of Sumatra. Thanks to the fertile, volcanic soil, the coffee flavor and distinctive delights character. These securities smoking brings a special process performed with masterful perfection. This coffee masterpiece satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs. Roasted, ground, vacuum-packed, 100% Arabica.

Jam St. Cranberry Blueberry DALFOUR of 284 g-jam French for meats and sausages, the juicy fruit cranberries and blueberries.

Lindor Dark Chocolate Lind -100g Delicious Swiss chocolate with a delicious, slightly deliquescent in the mouth of a dark milk chocolate filling.

Dried Tomatoes 100g - dried tomato halves naturally in the sunny region of Calabria, excellent for many dishes not only Italian cuisine;

Baskets offered by us are finally secured a thick cellophane and decorated with ribbons / raffia.

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Customer Remarks:
*I must say, “The deals as well as the Logistic are extremely well coordinated. Keep it up”. Javed, Dubai
*Happy Diwali to all the hard worked team members, who brought a happy moment for my family with the gift reaching on time. Keep up the good work.- Hugo, Kenya
*Very impressed with the prompt service for ontime delivery. For all of us away from home, this is a huge help in sending our wishes to our loved ones. – Silas, U.A.E
*I appreciate your team's prompt response on the status of delivery. Thank you for making this Rakhi festival special. – Rakesh Agarwal, Hyderabad
*This is to tell you that a marvelous job has been done as far as the product of gift and delivery is concerned. My family is very pleased. Congratulations on a well job done. –Daishell. Zambia

**Note:Mandatory note: Wine may will be purchased and delivered by/to persons who are not below 21 years of age. Upon placing the order, you automatically validate and guarantee this.
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